We're ready to partner with your design and production team on any challenge you faceOur ability to design and machine our own molds and maintain the highest process control standards, enables High Tech Elastomers to meet all your requirements--no problems, no delays, no excuses.

We welcome any opportunity to show you what we can do--especially your "tough" jobs. We’re fully prepared to serve as your prime supplier and problem-solving partner--helping you capitalize on our many years of bonding experience.

By partnering with High Tech Elastomers, you gain access to our entire development and production team to assure the best possible result--right from the start. And we’ll deliver components that meet all your tolerances and schedules.

The quality control lab at High Tech Elastomers is the hub of all operations. Fully equipped and climate controlled, this state-of-the-art facility includes CNC comparitors, telemicrometers that eliminate human error in transposing data, tensile testing systems, and advanced computer software for process control and tool design. Special rubber compounds and bonding techniques are developed daily, along with a wide variety of quality control checks for raw materials and production samples.

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High Tech Elastomers, Inc.

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e-mail: jwb@htei.com.

By designing and building our own molds,
we can serve you faster and better

The mold production team at High Tech Elastomers is fully equipped to develop high-precision prototype tooling as well as our production molds. We also design and produce our own prepping fixtures --whether we're producing ten parts or a million.

An advanced SPC system guides this injection molding machine to assure complete time and temperature control of every cycle as well as consistently accurate repeatability.

Call us. We're able to respond promptly to your questions. Please fax your drawings and specifications--or e-mail your DXF, DWG, and IGES files--for a preliminary cost quote now. We’re ready.

Call High Tech Elastomers for the answers on rubber bonding. Dial...

We'd like to hear from you whenever the topic is elastomer bonding. We won't pretend we have all the answers the moment you call, but we'll help any way we can. You can fax your drawings and specifications to 937-236-4247 anytime, or e-mail your DXF, DWG, or IGES files to us at jwb@htei.com. We're ready to assist you.

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High Tech Elastomers, Inc.
Anthony Hoog QC Mgr.
James Wm Back Jr. Operations Mgr.
885 Scholz Drive | Vandalia, Ohio 45377 | phone: (937) 236-6575 | fax: (937) 236-4247
e-mail: jwb@htei.com

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