We're ready to partner with your design and production team on any challenge you faceFor any elastomer-to-substrate bonding project--literally anywhere in the world--High Tech Elastomers is ready to solve your scheduling problems, serve your quality-control needs, and save you from costly disappointments.

When developing new rubber-bonded parts, it's wise to consult with us early. Putting our many years of experience to work--even at the early conceptual stages--can help assure your full success and satisfaction.

This is especially true for those design and production teams who are moving into uncharted areas of elastomer bonding technology. High Tech Elastomer's reputation and record of performance is built squarely on the long-term, "partnering" relationships we've established with every customer.

That's why we like to launch each new project by determining how the part is to function and how it will interface with related components. Then we examine the physical dimensions and tolerances as well as environmental and hazardous chemical considerations.

From that analysis, we're prepared to pose further questions and offer initial suggestions while we're still in the design stages. Most often, we're able to help the customer derive important cost savings even in the early stages of developing new rubber-bonded components.

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When appropriate, we will often provide the customer with a prototype as part of the initial proposal process. This step not only demonstrates the strength of High Tech Elastomer's technology, but the success of the prototype also gives our partners the confidence to continue moving ahead.

This specialized bubble-test fixture was provided by our customer to facilitate the performance testing of precision seals produced for the semiconductor industry.
The diverse range of cost-saving applications for high-precision, rubber-bonded components has provided High Tech Elastomers valuable experience in various industries with many types of substrate materials--most recently with various "super-smooth" composites and advanced alloys --and specialized compounds.

As an ISO 9002 Certified Company, High Tech Elastomers has been committed to the highest, world-class standards of quality for years. Our ability to hold within exact tolerances--even to .0002-inch--is well recognized. We are also able to hold finishes to 8 RMS.

The experience and skill of our technicians and the repeatable precision of our equipment is fully complemented by our insistence on using only the highest-quality raw materials for our formulations. Our ability to devise specialized and custom fabrication methods is often a major factor in producing high-performance and high-precision parts successfully.

Thorough inspection, cleaning and deflashing of these bonded components is all done at magnifications of 5X or greater by our trained technicians. Each part produced by High Tech Elastomers passes through this and numerous other procedures to assure the precise quality and reliable performance of your rubber-bonded components.
We can custom formulate many super-tough elastomer compounds and design bonding methods specifically to work with your components. This enables us to achieve superior bonding that translates to outstanding performance for your product--even complex shapes or parts made of exotic metals, special plastics, nylon, glass, and most other materials with an extremely smooth surface.

We can also custom-formulate elastomer compounds for you that withstand extreme temperatures, pressure and friction over time--as well as resisting oil, chemicals and other hazards that weaken conventional rubber compounds.

We've earned special distinction as a reliable and versatile supplier for prototype and small-quantity orders as well as large, multi-year production runs. This versatility is largely the result of our close coordination between the preliminary design and the production stage.

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