1,000s of tiny suction pockets on the bottom of the High Tech Machine Cushion Pad help keep machines from walking or slipping out of position.
Pads can be leveled and aligned in minutes without special tools. Each mount includes a cold forged 1/2" bolt in a standard 2-1/2" length
For vibrating polishers, these sturdy mounts isolate much of the shock from each vibrating cycle to extend the life of the floor, and also reduce machine "chatter" and "walking."
High Tech Elastomers builds Machine Cushion Pads to last many years

High Tech Machine Cushion Pads are available in either 4x4-inch or 6x6-inch sizes with your choice of two elastomer compounds--featuring either a 60- or 80- durometer hardness. The higher compound hardness supports heavier machines--as you can see on the specifications chart below.

The high-strength aluminum alloy mounting plate is permanently imbedded into the mount's tough elastomer base pad. Two tapped bolt holes in the plate allow more flexibility when attaching and leveling each cushion pad to the machine leg or base.

Good uses for High Tech Machine Cushion Pads are almost anywhere you have heavy machines, compressors, and presses. These mounts are also helpful in isolating your test equipment and CMM's from disruptive vibration. Not only will your machines last longer, but you?ll save on building maintenance and repair costs because vibration and shocks usually transmitted to the floor and building structure are attenuated.

High Tech Machine Cushion Pads do not fasten to or damage your floor in any way. After the mounts are installed, your machinery can still be relocated easily--and then quickly leveled and realigned.

Try one set of High Tech Machine Cushion Pads and discover how effectively they cut costly vibration, noise and machine wear.

Each high-strength aluminum alloy plate embedded in the pads features two tapped mounting holes for easy installation.

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