High Tech Elastomers is ready to bond your choice of compound to your choice of substrate
Here's a listing of some of the compounds we're able to bond to precision components to greatly improve performance and/or reduce wear:
  • gum rubber compounds
  • urethanes
  • neoprenes
  • silicones
  • NBR's and HNBR's
  • EPDM's
  • FKM's
  • butyl

...and here are some of the many substrates and surfaces we can bond to:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • brass and bronze
  • nylon
  • glass
  • plastic
  • titanium
  • super alloys
  • space-age plastics
  • other common metals
    and alloys
  • various super-smooth
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This overmolded stator is used for computer disk drives, and was produced by HTEI to meet very exact production and performance requirements

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High Tech Elastomers, Inc.
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885 Scholz Drive | Vandalia, Ohio 45377 | phone: (937) 236-6575 | fax: (937) 236-4247
e-mail: jwb@htei.com

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