High Tech Elastomers

High Tech Elastomers delivers all the rubber-bonding technology your product application requires
Rubber-bonded components are critically important to achieving peak performance in many product designs. Here's a basic list of products High Tech Elastomers has worked with:
  • vibration-isolating mounts for computer, office, and high-speed production equipment
  • seals for aerospace systems
  • offset printing press rollers
  • overmolded spool valves
  • poppets
  • armatures
  • plunger pins for use in pop-off valves
  • medical-grade platinum-cured silicone coatings for screens and seals
  • deep-hole oil drilling sensors
  • rubber-to-metal seals and rollers
  • rubber-bonded crash stops,
    actuators, overmolded
    stators, and magnetic latch
    assemblies for disk drives

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High Tech Elastomers, Inc.

885 Scholz Dr
Vandalia, Ohio 45377
phone: 937-236-6575
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e-mail: jwb@htei.com.

This medical grade mill assures that our specialized compound formulations are thoroughly and precisely mixed prior to molding.





Many inspection procedures at High Tech Elastomers call for high degrees of magnification to assure proper bonding and accurate dimensions.

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High Tech Elastomers, Inc.
Anthony Hoog QC Mgr.
James Wm Back Jr. Operations Mgr.
885 Scholz Drive | Vandalia, Ohio 45377 | phone: (937) 236-6575 | fax: (937) 236-4247
e-mail: jwb@htei.com

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