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High Tech Elastomers, Inc.

885 Scholz Dr
Vandalia, Ohio 45377
phone: 937-236-6575
fax: 937-236-4247
e-mail: jwb@htei.com.

Were ready to partner with your design and production team on any challenge you face

High Tech Elastomers is ready to bond your choice of compound to your choice of substrate

High Tech Elastomers delivers all the rubber-bonding technology your product application requires

For the best bonding precision and quality, plus responsive service, rely on your partners at High Tech Elastomers

High Tech Machine Cushion Pads cut costly vibration, shop noise, and machine wear


This overmolded stator is used for computer disk drives, and was produced by HTEI to meet very exact production and performance requirements

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High Tech Elastomers, Inc.
Anthony Hoog QC Mgr.
James Wm Back Jr. Operations Mgr.
885 Scholz Drive | Vandalia, Ohio 45377 | phone: (937) 236-6575 | fax: (937) 236-4247
e-mail: jwb@htei.com

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